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Thomas Hays, Esq.

T Hays

Thomas Hays is a second-generation Worker’s Compensation attorney with a broad range of legal experience.

Growing up under the tutelage of his late father William Hays, Thomas was trained by the best. William Hays was a legendary attorney who represented firefighters and other safety members for over fifty years.

Thomas Hays also has extensive experience working for one of the state’s largest defense firms, Stockwell Harris, and Shaw Jacobsmeyer representing notable employers such as the San Francisco 49ers and Zurich Insurance Company.

Thomas Hays formed Comp Laws PC to honor his father’s legacy and to bring together all of his legal experiences for the benefit of injured workers.

Left to right:
Thomas Hays, Edgar Montes, Gino Alvarez
Jessica Rosales, Maritza Alvarez

Our Team

Our Legacy: William (Bill) Hays

Between 1952 and his first retirement in 1984, Bill took about 18 cases to the Court of Appeals and three to the California Supreme Court.

He won all but six including his Supreme Court cases. Several of the losses were reversed by changes in the law. No one can win them all, but Bill’s record is hard to match.

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